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Chapter End

February 22, 2012
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Well that’s it then – I have finished my month’s membership with Soho Gym in Borough and my six Personal Training sessions with the awesome Jamie. My final session was a killer as always – I’ve come to expect nothing less: Romanian dead lifts, squats, shoulder press and three supersets – bench press/bicep curl; T-bar row/reverse fly and lat pull down/overhead triceps extensions PHEW …….. It’s become evident that it’s my forearms that are letting me down during my sessions. My arms were literally shaking as I was trying to open my protein shaker!

This has been a very eventful fitness related week – I attended a functional assessment with my works physio department. This assessment was much more intensive than the initial entry test when you join the police which is 5.4 on the bleep test. I had to endure 10 minutes interval training on the treadmill, followed immediately by shuttle runs, squats and then hoping around the gym on my ‘injured leg’ over obstacles. Outcome: as long as I didn’t undertake any ‘Hotfuzz’ stylee foot chases over people’s back gardens I should be fit to resume operational duty – RESULT! This would never have been possible without the considerable effort Jamie has put into the rehabilitation of my lower limbs. If anyone is looking for a good trainer i really would encourage you to contact Jamie.

So where do I go from here? Well a new job is on the horizon, with a move from Westminster to Newham in sight. I will need to source a gym near Stratford to keep up the rehab. If anyone has any recommendations for a good gym then let me know. Initial research shows this may be hard task, although I see that Gym Box is opening at the shopping centre (really not my first choice in a gym!!).

Well that brings to the end my fitness blogging – really enjoyed my first attempt into this arena. I’ve had some good feedback and can’t believe the amount of hits the blog has received. Not sure if I’ll continue as I can only think of work related stuff to write about and with my mouth (or should that be fingers?!) I just know that I’ll get myself into hot water Princess Margret style and end up burning my toes!


Halfway point

January 29, 2012
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Today was my third session with Jamie – halfway point on my four week ‘kick start’. I was really looking forward to this session as I feel my muscles have accepted the change in training tempo, I wasn’t half as sore last week and was able to walk relatively normal the following day (unfortunately we’ve not managed to disguise the mince but its early days yet)

I arrived early so I get my warm up out of the way on the Precor adaptive motion trainer. This is an awesome piece of kit if you’ve not tried it. It’s like a step machine, but if you lengthen your stride becomes a X-trainer then eventually a longer stride takes you into a low impact running motion. Very strange the first time you use it but I love it! Twenty minutes later it’s Jamie time

He’s mixing things up today – killer squats to start with. This is the first time I’ve attempted these since my injury so am slightly apprehensive. Jamie is concentrating on my form and getting full range of movement through the squat so the weight was kept relatively low. By the end of 5 sets I was squatting 50kg and was really feeling the burn – result!

On to the dreaded kettlebells. I’ve never used these before but have often chuckled to myself at the efforts of my fellow gym goers swinging the weights around their heads as if in an Olympic hammer competition. I’m pleased to say there was no swinging involved with the ‘double kettlebell push press’. It felt a bit odd at first and is really tough on your forearms but I think I will definitely be adding this to my workout repertoire in future.

Onwards to T-bar row (small weight increase from 1st season) then a killer superset of leg extension and hamstring curls with the emphasis on slow tempo and holding the weight at the top of each exercise. This was followed by a shoulder superset – lateral and front raises – and chest flys.

Finally a killer abs routine – bent knee and straight leg lifts then onto the mat for some oblique work with the medicine ball. I crumpled and could not complete the third set, my legs gave way and I could not keep my form, I was broken.

I came away from this feeling totally invigorated and on an endorphin high but about four hours later on the tube home I could hardly lift my arm to hold onto the rail and began muttering

“I hate you Jamie”

This has to be my best session so far. It’s really motivational when you revisit exercises and can see improvements in weight and technique in such a short space of time. Roll on Monday ……..


Benchmark my benchpress

January 16, 2012
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Time to meet my trainer:

Due to the uncertainty of a start date for my new role (or a location) I decided to join the Soho Gym in Borough for a month and take-up their personal training service. It seems good value – 6 sessions with trainer Jamie over the next four weeks should kick-start my motivation.

Today was my first session, which was more of an introduction to Jamie’s techniques and to benchmark my current fitness level. Oh dear. Well, in my defence the last few months have been difficult. I’ve travelled up and down to Cardiff more times that I care to remember. In fact, I’ve not exercised since the beginning of December and it showed.

Jamie gave me a quick run down on what he was going to do with me for the next hour – on paper it looked like a walk in the park (maybe next session I might suggest that!). After a quick warm up on the X-trainer it was time to hit the mats…..literally,

Drop and give me as many press ups as you can in a minute

…….that set the scene for the next 50 minutes: deadlift, bench press, leg press, T-bar rows, pull ups . We did drop sets, strip sets, forced reps and just when i thought it could get no worse, the end of the session was 8 minutes of interval training on the bike. I don’t think I have ever experienced such hell ever! Jamie joked “I bet you want to kill me about now don’t you?” If I had the strength I honestly would have punched him, but I was wheezing like a pensioner with a 2 pack a day habit and could only manage a grimace in his direction.

A few dynamic stretches completed my first session. I felt a sense of accomplishment, my knee hadn’t given out (though tomorrow may be a different story) and my trainer was pleased with my performance. I think I had painted a bleak picture of my fitness level when we had our initial consultation which turned out to be unfounded. So, with another session booked next week I need to keep up the momentum. Bring it on!

This is Jamie BTW

Fit for something or nothing?

January 13, 2012

Friday 13th – this is the second time I’m sitting writing this post so I’m hoping that any bad luck writing my first ever blog has been exhausted.

I made three New Year resolutions this year:

1) To stop drinking for a month (Men’s Health magazine said I could lose 2″ off my waist if I followed this simple advice);
2) Increase my online presence;
3) Kick start my fitness regime so that I can get back onto the mean streets of London following my ‘motorcycle incident’ and get me a #beachbody2012.

The year started well – a fantastic couple of days attending La Demence in Brussels with two friends from London. Then disaster struck, I got tricked into a boozy brunch at Westfield Stratford by some very persuasive friends and four Pornstar Martinis later I’d fallen off the wagon without a care in the world.

Never mind, after dusting myself off from my first my failure of the year, I decided to pair up my remaining resolutions in an attempt to make them less daunting and write a blog about my new fitness regime. Not a lot of thought went into that decision – style, substance or blog host, let alone the big question – who the hell was going to read the damn thing?! Ah well, I’m sure I’ll sort those things out as I go.

Last weekend I watched Julie & Julia for the second time (please don’t judge me if you’ve never met me!) and thought for my first attempt of ‘blogging’ I might follow Julie Powell’s example and write about my long journey to get ‘fit for purpose’ at work. I’m sure my old English teacher is chuckling to himself somewhere as the only two things I brought away with me from English Literature are the quotes ‘Unsex me now’ Macbeth and ‘So you had to go to bed with her’ An Inspector Calls (I think the writing was on the wall for me from an early age as to what direction I was going to take). So with that in mind, I’m sure there will be lots for the grandma police to get their teeth into over the coming months – I’m an apostrophe disaster waiting to happen.

My first task was to set my goals (see all those management courses I’ve been sent on haven’t gone to waste) 1) Strengthen my knee joint so I pass the fitness test at work; 2) Drop a dress size in 2 weeks – no wait that’s the Kellogg’s Special K diet – Get back into my favourite jeans that are hidden in the back of my wardrobe, yes much more achievable. I’m going to enlist the help of my wonderful boyfriend Nick (he doesn’t know this yet) to help measure my vital statistics, plot my progress and take some pictures to motivate me even further.

So without further ado, I’m going to see if I can publish this before I delete it again – first training session of the year is Monday 16th January, so until then, have a great weekend.

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