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Chapter End | February 22, 2012

Well that’s it then – I have finished my month’s membership with Soho Gym in Borough and my six Personal Training sessions with the awesome Jamie. My final session was a killer as always – I’ve come to expect nothing less: Romanian dead lifts, squats, shoulder press and three supersets – bench press/bicep curl; T-bar row/reverse fly and lat pull down/overhead triceps extensions PHEW …….. It’s become evident that it’s my forearms that are letting me down during my sessions. My arms were literally shaking as I was trying to open my protein shaker!

This has been a very eventful fitness related week – I attended a functional assessment with my works physio department. This assessment was much more intensive than the initial entry test when you join the police which is 5.4 on the bleep test. I had to endure 10 minutes interval training on the treadmill, followed immediately by shuttle runs, squats and then hoping around the gym on my ‘injured leg’ over obstacles. Outcome: as long as I didn’t undertake any ‘Hotfuzz’ stylee foot chases over people’s back gardens I should be fit to resume operational duty – RESULT! This would never have been possible without the considerable effort Jamie has put into the rehabilitation of my lower limbs. If anyone is looking for a good trainer i really would encourage you to contact Jamie.

So where do I go from here? Well a new job is on the horizon, with a move from Westminster to Newham in sight. I will need to source a gym near Stratford to keep up the rehab. If anyone has any recommendations for a good gym then let me know. Initial research shows this may be hard task, although I see that Gym Box is opening at the shopping centre (really not my first choice in a gym!!).

Well that brings to the end my fitness blogging – really enjoyed my first attempt into this arena. I’ve had some good feedback and can’t believe the amount of hits the blog has received. Not sure if I’ll continue as I can only think of work related stuff to write about and with my mouth (or should that be fingers?!) I just know that I’ll get myself into hot water Princess Margret style and end up burning my toes!


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