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Halfway point | January 29, 2012

Today was my third session with Jamie – halfway point on my four week ‘kick start’. I was really looking forward to this session as I feel my muscles have accepted the change in training tempo, I wasn’t half as sore last week and was able to walk relatively normal the following day (unfortunately we’ve not managed to disguise the mince but its early days yet)

I arrived early so I get my warm up out of the way on the Precor adaptive motion trainer. This is an awesome piece of kit if you’ve not tried it. It’s like a step machine, but if you lengthen your stride becomes a X-trainer then eventually a longer stride takes you into a low impact running motion. Very strange the first time you use it but I love it! Twenty minutes later it’s Jamie time

He’s mixing things up today – killer squats to start with. This is the first time I’ve attempted these since my injury so am slightly apprehensive. Jamie is concentrating on my form and getting full range of movement through the squat so the weight was kept relatively low. By the end of 5 sets I was squatting 50kg and was really feeling the burn – result!

On to the dreaded kettlebells. I’ve never used these before but have often chuckled to myself at the efforts of my fellow gym goers swinging the weights around their heads as if in an Olympic hammer competition. I’m pleased to say there was no swinging involved with the ‘double kettlebell push press’. It felt a bit odd at first and is really tough on your forearms but I think I will definitely be adding this to my workout repertoire in future.

Onwards to T-bar row (small weight increase from 1st season) then a killer superset of leg extension and hamstring curls with the emphasis on slow tempo and holding the weight at the top of each exercise. This was followed by a shoulder superset – lateral and front raises – and chest flys.

Finally a killer abs routine – bent knee and straight leg lifts then onto the mat for some oblique work with the medicine ball. I crumpled and could not complete the third set, my legs gave way and I could not keep my form, I was broken.

I came away from this feeling totally invigorated and on an endorphin high but about four hours later on the tube home I could hardly lift my arm to hold onto the rail and began muttering

“I hate you Jamie”

This has to be my best session so far. It’s really motivational when you revisit exercises and can see improvements in weight and technique in such a short space of time. Roll on Monday ……..



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