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Benchmark my benchpress | January 16, 2012

Time to meet my trainer:

Due to the uncertainty of a start date for my new role (or a location) I decided to join the Soho Gym in Borough for a month and take-up their personal training service. It seems good value – 6 sessions with trainer Jamie over the next four weeks should kick-start my motivation.

Today was my first session, which was more of an introduction to Jamie’s techniques and to benchmark my current fitness level. Oh dear. Well, in my defence the last few months have been difficult. I’ve travelled up and down to Cardiff more times that I care to remember. In fact, I’ve not exercised since the beginning of December and it showed.

Jamie gave me a quick run down on what he was going to do with me for the next hour – on paper it looked like a walk in the park (maybe next session I might suggest that!). After a quick warm up on the X-trainer it was time to hit the mats…..literally,

Drop and give me as many press ups as you can in a minute

…….that set the scene for the next 50 minutes: deadlift, bench press, leg press, T-bar rows, pull ups . We did drop sets, strip sets, forced reps and just when i thought it could get no worse, the end of the session was 8 minutes of interval training on the bike. I don’t think I have ever experienced such hell ever! Jamie joked “I bet you want to kill me about now don’t you?” If I had the strength I honestly would have punched him, but I was wheezing like a pensioner with a 2 pack a day habit and could only manage a grimace in his direction.

A few dynamic stretches completed my first session. I felt a sense of accomplishment, my knee hadn’t given out (though tomorrow may be a different story) and my trainer was pleased with my performance. I think I had painted a bleak picture of my fitness level when we had our initial consultation which turned out to be unfounded. So, with another session booked next week I need to keep up the momentum. Bring it on!

This is Jamie BTW


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